Phwoar-m: Commission commences action against UK

We will post a comment on the European Commission’s notice letter against the UK shortly, but until now see the EC Press Release.

There has been talk about the Commission taking action against the UK implementation of the Data Protection Directive (and laterly, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive) for years.  The wait is over.

European Space War?

Guardian TechThanks to a Tweet from Guardian Tech, we were alerted to a story about trouble brewing between the European Commission and the ITU: here.

Frankly, we are surprised it has taken this long.  In short, the European Commission has decided to sort out the selection and authorisation of S-Band mobile satellite services operators in the EU: see Decision 626/2008/EC

What still hasn’t been sorted out, as far as we can see, is the issue of national licence fees.  The operators selected by the Commission will still need to get national spectrum licences (or even recognised spectrum access licences).  At what cost? Article 7 of the Decision is silent on this, only requiring member states to grant authorisations to the selected operators in accordance with Community and national laws.

If the cost set in some member states is low, expect the existing mobile phone operators, in particular the 3G operators who paid fortunes in the 3G licence auctions, to come out fighting.