WTF? No fine for Channel 4?

Okay, regulating content must be a Great British Nightmare, but how blatant a breach of the Broadcasting Code must there be before saying “Sorry” is not enough?

Channel 4 managed to pack in 115 uses by Gordan Ramsay “of the most offensive language (i.e. “fuck“, “fucking” and “fucked”)”  in a programme broadcast after the 9pm watershed on 30 January 2009.  Despite being well-known for his swearing, 51 viewers felt this was too much, and complained to Ofcom.

Ofcom carried out its investigation and found Channel 4 to have breached Rule 2.3 of the Broadcasting Code (offensive content must be justified by context).  (See Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin, Issue 133, 11 May 2009.)

Channel 4 apologised, and were not fined.  What’s that about?  Ofcom cbfa?!

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