Data Unprotection Act

Unofficial reports that there is a competition being run between public authorities to find imaginative ways to lose personal data have yet to be denied by the Government. 

Amongst stiff competition, HMRC still leads the way on volumn, with 25m records “lost in the [TNT] post”.  The MoD has made a recent entry to the competition with the old favourite – the stolen (unsecured?) laptop, but this only held a mere 600,000 records of service personnel or potential recruits.  Slightly more up to date, a clinician at Stockport Primary Health Care Trust lost a data stick with lots of sensitive personal data.  It was clipped to a lanyard round her neck, but went missing somewhere between her car and her desk. Oops.

My current favourite, however, is the dumping of Department of Work and Pensions’ paper records on a roundabout near Exeter Airport in Devon, not once but twice.

Please let us know if you hear of any other competition entries.

If only this were a 1 April post.

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