???????????????????????????????I am an ex-engineer turned lawyer – to find out more about me, see my LinkedIn profile. I live in Portsmouth – hence the header image taken from Sketch for ‘The Battle of Trafalgar, and the Victory of Lord Nelson over the Combined French and Spanish Fleets, October 21, 1805’ by Clarkson Frederick Standfield (1793-1867). I am currently Legal Counsel with Orange Business Services, working mostly from home (left).

This blog started out as a random selection of commentary on a wide range of commercial, telecommunications, data protection and related law topics. These are now grouped under the LAW pages.

I recently started writing a few “what the law should be” and more political pieces, safe in the knowledge that they won’t see the light of day. These are grouped under the POLITICS pages.

Please feel free to comment on my posts, or contact me via Twitter (@TMT_Lawyer).

Posts dated prior to June 2011

All the posts from before June 2011 were written by me whilst I was employed by Charles Russell LLP.  They were posted in their original form on the Charles Russell blog CRITique. They are reproduced here under the terms of the Creative Commons licence on the Charles Russell blog.

I started the CRITique blog at Charles Russell to teach its IT lawyers about blogging and blogs (hence CR IT ique).  It was originally an internal blog, but I decided to go public on the date Charles Russell completed its move to new offices in 5 Fleet Place – Friday, 13 March 2009. By the time I left Charles Russell, it had obtained almost 25,000 hits. Wikio ranked it 66 in its top 100 law blogs in June 2011. Despite evidence of its growing popularity, no other fee earners posted to the blog, so it remained a solo effort.

Liability Disclaimer

Whilst it is open to debate whether website disclaimers are effective, particularly under English law, I intend that information in this blog or my comments are informal, general information and do not constitute specific legal advice on any matter or topic. I have also included links to other websites, where I think these may be useful. Obviously, I don’t control these sites or their material, so use them at your own risk.